Creel Adapter for plastic warp yarn package

“Plastic Spacers are cheap to Use and Expensive to Ignore”

   Our Plastic Spacers Are Manufactured From Pure And Selected Material To Achieve The Following Factors:

  • Spacers May Not Turn, Fall Or Move In Any Manner After Application.
  • Spacers Must Be Firmly Attached To The Reinforcement.
  • Spacers Must Not Be Deformed By The Forces Applied To Them.

Submittals :

    – Our products got submittals from the class consulting offices and are              used in the greatest projects.

    – Our products got submittals from National Research Center.



Application : 

  •  Our creel adapters are simple devices designed to hold your plastic warp yarn package securely on the creel of the weaving loom.
  • It enables the plastic yarn to pull off evenly and this helps you to get excellent efficiency of the loom and excellent quality of the weaving
  • Our creel adapter made from pure and selected materials to make it durable and long life .
  • Our creel adapter is suitable for 35 mm inner diameter of warp bobbin and   length of  220 mm .