Helasto Ring Or Roof Tile Spacer

“Plastic Spacers are cheap to Use and Expensive to Ignore”

   Our Plastic Spacers Are Manufactured From Pure And Selected Material To Achieve The Following Factors:

  • Spacers May Not Turn, Fall Or Move In Any Manner After Application.
  • Spacers Must Be Firmly Attached To The Reinforcement.
  • Spacers Must Not Be Deformed By The Forces Applied To Them.

Submittals :

    – Our products got submittals from the class consulting offices and are              used in the greatest projects.

    – Our products got submittals from National Research Center.



Application : 

  • With Al-Safwa Helasto-Ring, the pavement does not touch the waterproofing blanket, but is separated from it by a hollow space; in this way, the pavement can expand and contract without damaging the water-tight blanket.


  • The slabs are only resting in place, and in case of repairs to the waterproofing blanket, it is not necessary to damage the floor; it is sufficient to raise a few of the square slabs to carry out the maintenance.


  • Puddles can no longer form since rainwater runs directly to the drains between the open joints and the square slabs.


  • Different sizes and Products can be manufactured .