Plastic Cone 60 mm

“Plastic Spacers are cheap to Use and Expensive to Ignore”

   Our Plastic Spacers Are Manufactured From Pure And Selected Material To Achieve The Following Factors:

  • Spacers May Not Turn, Fall Or Move In Any Manner After Application.
  • Spacers Must Be Firmly Attached To The Reinforcement.
  • Spacers Must Not Be Deformed By The Forces Applied To Them.

Submittals :

    – Our products got submittals from the class consulting offices and are              used in the greatest projects.

    – Our products got submittals from National Research Center.



Application : 

  • Rigid plastic cone as a distance piece for concrete walls
  • Removed after striking of formwork
  • The cavity can be filled with concrete cones or water- proof sealant.


Different sizes can be manufactured : 


Plastic Cone 60 mm
Plastic Cone 60 mm