Post Tension Concrete Injection Components

Post Tension Concrete Injection Components :

” Plastic Spacers are cheap to Use and Expensive to Ignore “

   Our Plastic Spacers Are Manufactured From Pure And Selected Material 


Application : 

  1. Grout saddle “ Half shell “
  2. Grout shut off valve “ Venting  valve “
  3. Grout shut off valve to pump “  pump valve “


Advantages of Post Tension Slabs :

The major benefits of post tension concrete slabs include their increased safety, design versatility and cost effectiveness.
With regards to safety, post tension slabs offer a number of advantages. The pre stressing force applied to the concrete helps to increase its resistance to both tensile and compressive forces. This results in a more stable structure that is less likely to experience cracking or failure. In the event of an earthquake or other catastrophic event, post tension concrete slabs are less likely to collapse, making them a safer option for construction projects.